Lomo’s Deck Bag Travels Round Anglesey

Kayak dry bag review

We were sent these by Joshua, he has completed a circumnavigation of Anglesey, 121.65km. “Your deck bag was a game-changer. Brilliant piece of kit” Now that is feedback 🙂 Check out Joshua’s adventures over at


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Emergency Storm Shelter. 2-3 Man Bothy Bag


Kayak Trolley – Model A


Kayak Trolley – Model C


Kayak Trolley – Model D – Heavy Duty Adjustable


Kayak Trolley – Sit On Top


Kayak Throw Line 20M


Kayak Throw Line 15M


Kayak Throw Line 15M With Belt


Kayak Front Deck Bag – Zip Closure


Kayak Rear Deck Bag – Zip Closure


Floor Standing Kayak Rack – Yellow


Deluxe Kayak Wall Rack – Yellow