Neoprene wetsuit shorts and paddling trousers. Prebent shape for kayaking in a seated position.

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Neoprene Shorts – Straight Swim Wetsuit Shorts


Neoprene Swimming Buoyancy Shorts


Prebent Neoprene Wetsuit Trousers – Black


Neoprene Shorts

Neoprene shorts and trousers are great for when its warm enough not to need a full wetsuit, but too cold to go without.

They are popular for kayaking, swimming, sailing and many other watersports.

Fit of Neoprene Shorts

For wetsuit shorts to work well they should be quite a tight fit as they need to trap a layer of water between the neoprene and your skin.

If neoprene shorts are a loose fit they might be more comfortable when you are out of the water but they will not keep you warm.

Shorts Styles

Straight shorts are best for sports where you stand up such as surfing.

Prebent shorts and trousers and best for seated sports such as kayaking.