Kayak gear including spraydecks, bilge pumps and paddles.

Canoe & Kayak Accessories (68)

Kayak Spray Decks & Cockpit Covers (3)

Kayak Gloves (5)

Kayak Footwear (8)

Kayak, Whitewater & Canoe Paddles & Bags (19)

Dry Cags, Spray Tops & Waterproofs (4)

Kayak & Water Rescue Helmets (5)

Sit On Top Kayaks (2)

Buoyancy Aids (3)

Canoe and Kayak Gear

Our kayaking gear is great for open cockpit Canadian style canoes, closed cockpit kayaks and sit on top kayaks.

Kayak Safety

Kayaking is great fun but you should learn the basics, such as capsize practice, before going too far. Kayak clubs can be a gret way to learn these skills.

Kayak Safety Gear

Knowing what you need to kayak safely will help you enjoy the sport whilst minimising risk.  A buoyancy aid should always be worn along with clothing suitable for the conditions. A Helmet should be worn for certain types of kayaking such as river kayaking.