Why are Lomo's wetsuits and watersports products such great value? Take a look at our cost model.

Lomo Cost Model

People who find out about us at first ask us - "What's the catch?". Well, the answer is that there is none. Are you one of the many people that thinks quality comes with price? Well sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

Why does the same 4 Pound bottle of wine that you buy in the supermarket cost 15 pounds when you buy it in a restaurant? Because you need to pay the wages of everyone in the restaurant; that's why. Our cost model isn't too different. When you buy from us you're not paying 10 other people in the supply chain; you're only paying us. It doesn't mean you're buying a cheap and nasty wetsuit, it means that you're buying the same high quality wetsuit that costs roughly the same as a big brand wetsuit to make, and is made with the same materials and the same methods but that you're buying it at closer to the cost of manufacture than normal. It's like being able to buy it at a trade price.

You would be astonished to discover how little some of the big brand outdoor equipment costs to make. We use many of the same factories to make our equipment that the big guys use so we know pretty accurately how much things cost to make. Would you believe that with some brands you are paying in the region of 8 times more than the product actually costs to make? 

Join the growing band of Lomo Watersport customers

Lomo Watersport are quickly becoming regarded as one of the best quality wetsuit, drysuit and dry bag manufacturers in the world. Our money back guarantee states that if your simply not happy with our product simply return it to us for a full refund of your money*. There is simply no risk in buying our product.

Most of our new customers come to us through one of two channels.

1) Personal recommendations.
We have so many loyal customers who come back to us time after time when they realise what a great product and service they can get for such a reasonable price. Our email in box is full of customer "thank you's" and expressions of amazement in the quality of our products.

2) Independant reviews.
We have taken the time to send our products away for independant comparative testing and our products regularly come out on top. See our reviews section for more information.

*See our terms and conditions for more details.


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