Wetsuit boots, sailing boots and neoprene socks for diving, kayaking, sailing and most other watersports. Wetsuit booties for kids.

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Aqua Boot – Wetsuit boots


Aqua Boot – Junior Wetsuit Boots


Triton 5mm Wetsuit Boots


Junior Triton 5mm Wetsuit Boots


3mm Wetsuit Booties


Junior 3mm Wetsuit Booties


Junior Neoprene Welly Boots


Neoprene Welly Boots


Neoprene Open Water Swimming Socks


Sock – 3mm Neoprene wetsuit socks


Osprey Junior OSX 2mm Wetsuit Boots

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Children’s Slip-On Water Shoes – Blue

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Children’s Slip-On Water Shoes – Coral

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Skin Coloured – 3mm Neoprene wetsuit socks – Flesh Colour


Wetsuit Boots

Neoprene boots act just like a wetsuit for your feet. Water will enter the boots and if they are a good fit that water will be trapped inside and be warmed up by your foot.

Wetsuit boots are not normally worn with socks and are sized assuming you will be wearing them bare footed.

Just like a wetsuit, boots made from thicker neoprene tend to be warmer and boots tend to be warmer than short cut booties as they are better at keeping water out.

Diving Or Kayaking Boots

Originally designed as a diving boot, our Aqua Boots quickly became a firm favourite for kayaking as are a good example of a product that are ideal for more than one sport. The firm, multi cavity sole made them popular for these sports as they help you to walk over stony ground in comfort. Thinner soled shoes can be very uncomfortable in these situations.

Neoprene welly boots are popular with canoeists as well as non watersports users such as equestrian related users.

Sailing and Surfing Boots

Sailing and surfing tend to use thinner soled footwear. Surfers like to be able to feel the board under their feet and sailors tend to like a product with ‘deck soles’ which are more effective on smooth slippy boat deck. Small boat dingy sailors frequently use a product like the Triton boot as it has both good levels of warmth and grip.