The Traitors Jump With The Lomo Prime

The Traitor

While watching The Traitors TV show, ( The Final Of Season One) we realised that Hannah was jumping out of the helicopter wearing a Lomo Prime Wetsuit. Great to see our wetsuits on national television.

If you also enjoyed watching The BBC Traitors programmes and want to try something adventurous like jumping off a high point into water then check out Canyoning and or Coastering. Both activities are fun and will have you kitted out in a wetsuit (preferably a Lomo one), booties, a helmet and BA. Before taking you on a watery adventure of slips, slides and jumps.

We always recommend doing something like this with a professional, accredited organisation. 

Check out our Women’s Wetsuits.

Nuotare 3/2mm Ladies Swimming Wetsuit


Aurora 3mm Ladies Wetsuit


Prime Triathlon and Swimming Wetsuit – Female


BBC Traitors

The Traitors, a BBC reality show hosted by Claudia Winkleman, takes 22 strangers and throws them into a Scottish castle for a game of trust, deception, and suspense. Here’s a summary:

The Premise:

  • Loyalists vs. Traitors: Among the contestants are three hidden “Traitors” whose goal is to eliminate the “Loyalists” while appearing innocent.
  • Trust & Betrayal: Loyalists must work together to complete challenges and uncover the Traitors’ identities.
  • Round Table Banishments: Each night, at a dramatic “Round Table,” players vote to “banish” someone they suspect is a Traitor. The banished player leaves the game, taking a chunk of the potential prize money with them.

The Twist:

  • Traitors Have Power: They secretly meet at night to decide who to “murder” (eliminate) from the game, further weakening the Loyalists.
  • Mind Games & Alliances: Players must navigate shifting alliances, suspicions, and cleverly crafted lies to survive.

The Outcome:

  • Loyalists Win: If they successfully identify and banish all Traitors before being outnumbered, they share the remaining prize money (up to £120,000).
  • Traitors Win: If they remain undetected until the final few players, they claim the entire prize for themselves.

Popularity & Impact:

  • The first season (2022) became a BBC hit, garnering millions of viewers and praise for its gripping gameplay and intriguing characters.
  • A second season is now available.