Mens and womens wetsuits in summer and winter thicknesses.

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Wetsuits help us stay longer in cold water by insulating us from the cold water outside the suit. Thicker wetsuits generally keep us warmer than thinner wetsuits with summer thicknesses normally being regarded as 2-3mm and Autumn-Winter being 5mm and above.

Wetsuits need to be snug fitting if they are to work well. They should gently squeeze you over the entire length of the suit. If a wetsuit fits well only a small amount of water will squeeze into the suit when you enter the water. This quickly warms up and doesn’t rob your body of too much heat.

With a baggy wetsuit lots of water will flush through your suit and continually take heat away from your body. Even the thickest, most expensive wetsuit, will not keep you warm if it is a poor fit.