Dry bags specially designed for motorcycle use.

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Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo 40L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo Straps Set


Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers – Soft (1 Pair)


Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – 1 Pair


Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags – Medium (1 Pair)


Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags – Large (1 Pair)


Motorbike Leg Bag – Dry Holster


20L Motorbike Dry Bag


40L Motorbike Dry Bag


30L Hi Viz Cycling Dry Bag Rucksack


30L Drybag Daysack – Pink


30L Drybag Daysack – White


30L Drybag Daysack – Black


Motorcycle Tank Dry Bag – Waterproof – Magnetic Mount


Blaze Expedition Holdall – Orange 60L


Motorcycle Tank Dry Bag – Waterproof – Standard Mount


40L Dry Bag Holdall – Black


40L Dry Bag Holdall – Yellow


60L Dry Bag Holdall – Yellow


60L Dry Bag Holdall – Black


Dry Bag – Bum Bag Waist Pouch


Blaze Expedition Holdall – Black 60L


15L Dry Bike Motorbike Tail Bag


Motorcycle Dry Bags

Although initially designed for sailing and watersports, our drybags quickly became a firm favourite amongst the motor biking community because they offer waterproof performance, made using high quality materials and manufacturing techniques, at extremely affordable prices.

We now have a range of dry bags specifically designed with motorcycles in mind.

How Are They Different?

Our RF welded seams means that there are no stitch holes for water to penetrate. Combine this with waterproof fabrics and a roll down top and we arrive at a range of products that can keep driving rain our even when your driving at top speed.

Most of the bigger, more well known motorcycle luggage brands will not keep you gear dry in pouring rain.

Always Innovating

We are constantly innovating when it comes to our motorcycle dry bags, listening to feedback and designing some of the best performing bike bags in the UK. We are planning to do more products like this in the future so subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our product news.