Beanie hats & tube scarves for the outdoors.

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Parhelion Reflective Stripe Beanie Hat


Lambswool Faux Fur Bobble Hat – Pink


Ace – Fleece Lined Beanie Hat


Reversible Beanie Hat – Green/Orange


Borealis Reflective Beanie Hat


Divers Hat – Black


Dash Beanie Hat


Headover Tube Multifunctional Scarf – Welsh Flag, Wales, Baner Cymru, Y Ddraig Goch


English Flag Headover Tube Multifunctional Scarf – Saint George’s Cross, England


Scottish Headover Tube Multifunctional Scarf – Saltire / Scotland Flag / Saint Andrew


Multifunctional Headover Tube Scarf – Gradient


Multifunctional Headover Tube Scarf – Black


Camouflage Headover Multifunctional Scarf – Camouflage Neck Tube


Multifunctional Headover Tube Scarf – Rainbow


Reflective Running Cap


Lomo Baseball Skip Cap – Black


Lomo Vented Running Skip Cap – White


Triathlon Running Visor – Union Jack


Triathlon Running Visor


Midge Net Hat


Wide Brimmed Bush Hat


Lomo Mountain Hat – Black


Softshell Beanie Hat


Multifunctional Tube Scarves

A Multifunctional tube scarf offers great flexibility as they can be worn as a scarf, a hat, a bandana and many other styles. They are popular on the hills and with motorcyclists. They come in a variety of designs including flags and MTP camouflage.


A Beanie is a great choice for pulling on and off quickly. A softshell one will keep the wind off whilst not taking up too much space and a neoprene beanie is great on a boat or jet ski.

Neck Warmth

Most people know about the importance of keeping your head warm. But did you know that keeping your neck warm is important too when it’s cold?

If you’re wearing a jacket, a scarf can be useful to stop cold wind blowing down the neck and stealing all the warm air from around your body. So a scarf can both warm your neck and also prevent body heat loss from a loose fitting jacket neck.