Lomo’s range of floating sunglasses, cycling glasses and polarised lens sets. The range of sunglasses covers sports such as sailing, kayaking and other watersports where having floating frames is a real advantage and polarised lenses help to reduce glare from sea reflected sunlight.

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Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses aim to do a number of things. Firstly like any sunglasses they can reduce the glare of the sun whilst protecting your eyes from harmful UV light. Different lenses can be used depending on how brigt it is on a given day.

Secondly , cycling sunglasses help to keep spray and grit out of your eyes by providing a simple barrier that can withstand the spray and grit often kicked up by the bike in front.

Floating Sunglasses

Most people who spend any time near the water have at some point dropped their sunglasses in the water. This is usually followed by much cursing and swearing. Floating sunglasses are made from this situation.

The frames are made from ultralight materials that are lighter than water and will float when you drop them in water. This makes them easy to recover and carry on with your sunny day on the water.

Our floating sunglasses also feature polarised lenses which help to reduce glare whilst at sea.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses help to reduce the glare from reflected light. If you’ve ever drivin into blinding sunlight relecting off a wet road then you’ll know what this is.

Polarised lenses help to filter out these reflected lights and reduce glare when you are on the rod or on the water.