Kayak paddles, whitewater rafting paddles, canoe paddles and bags for river, sea, split and touring paddles. 2 piece adjustable paddles and 4 piece emergency models.

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Emergency Extendable Paddle Boat Hook


Emergency Kayak Paddle – 4 Piece – Black


Aluminium SUP Paddle – Adjustable


3-Piece Telescopic SUP Paddle


Canoe Paddle – Black


Carbon Fibre Split Kayak Paddle


Lomo Crank Shaft Carbon Fibre Kayak Paddle


Lomo Wing Blade Carbon Fibre Kayak Paddle


Kayak Paddle – Adjustable Fibreglass Shaft – Model E


Kayak Paddle – Split


SUP & Kayak Paddle Bag – Full Length


Whitewater Rafting Paddle – 145CM Raft Paddle


Whitewater Rafting Paddle – 145CM Raft Paddle – 12 PACK


Kayak Paddle – Aluminium Shaft – Model D


Carbon Fibre Greenland Kayak Paddle – Split


2 in 1 SUP Combo Paddle with Kayak Blade


Carbon Fibre SUP Paddle


Kayak Paddle Bag – Split


Kayak Paddle – Fibreglass Shaft – Model C



Kayak paddles have a blade at each end and can generally be separated into river or sea kayak paddles. River kayak paddles tend to be shorted and more robust whilst sea kayak paddles tend to be longer and lighter for long touring type journeys.


Canoe paddles only have one blade and are for open style Canadian canoes.


Keep your paddle safe and make it easy to carry around by keeping it a a protective paddle bag.