Motorcycle dry bags, holdalls and other motorbike products. Multi use dry bags for bikers.

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Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo Straps Set


Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers – Soft (1 Pair)


Motorbike Leg Bag – Dry Holster


Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – 1 Pair


Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags – Medium (1 Pair)


Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags – Large (1 Pair)


20L Motorbike Dry Bag


40L Motorbike Dry Bag


30L Hi Viz Cycling Dry Bag Rucksack


30L Drybag Daysack – Pink


30L Drybag Daysack – White


40L Dry Bag Holdall – Black


60L Dry Bag Holdall – Yellow


30L Dry Bag Holdall – White


Dry Bag – Bum Bag Waist Pouch


Scottish Headover Tube Multifunctional Scarf – Saltire / Scotland Flag / Saint Andrew


Multifunctional Headover Tube Scarf – Gradient


Multifunctional Headover Tube Scarf – Black


Vizallo 40L Motorbike Bag


60L Dry Bag Holdall – Black


40L Dry Bag Holdall – Yellow


15L Dry Bike Motorbike Tail Bag


30L Drybag Daysack – Black



Lomo started making dry bags for the marine industry more than 2o years ago. Over the years we started to see bikers strapping our marine bags onto the back of their bikes in order to keep their gear dry. As more and more came into our store and asked for specialised motorcycle dry bags we started to put some focus onto this product range.

We now have a great range of Motorbike dry bags and they have won numerous awards from the motorcycle press for both value and performance. Our dry bags have been copied by some of the larger motorcycle brands who often sell them for more than twice the price! Our ‘direct to the customer’ approach always means you get the best possible value when buying our products.

Our motorcycle drybags have featured in countless ’round the world’ expeditions and out performed bags costing significantly more. Check out our social media feeds to keep up with the latest news.