A range of neoprene and nylon kayak spray decks and cockpit covers for kayaking.

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Lomo Neodeck – Neoprene Kayak Spray Deck


Lomo Rebel Deck – Kayak Neoprene Spray deck


Neoprene Kayak Cockpit Cover


Kayak Spray Decks

Neoprene spraydecks form tight fit around both your kayak cockpit rim and your waist. This help keep the amount of water ingress to you boat down to a minimum.

They feature a webbing handle at the front to make them easy to get of in an emergency.

Spraydeck Sizing

Spraydeck sizes are based on both the kayak cockpit size and your own waist measurement. Manufacturers commonly call the deck sizes “Keyhole, Bigdeck” etc, but what these mean can vary by manufacturer so make sure you measure the actual sizes rather than just going by the size name.

Kayak Cockpit Covers

Neoprene kayak cockpit covers help keep rain, debris and insects out of your boat during periods of storage. The covers are also of use when travelling with your kayak on your roof.

They first help to stop a swarm of flying insects being scooped up into your boat as you drive along with an open cockpit and also help reduce the drag caused by the open hole. This reduce the strain on your roofrack and also slightly helps fuel efficiency.