Outdoor LED torches, LED lanterns, waterproof LED strobes and LED head lights for use on your expeditions including a great range of LED torches.

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Aluminium LED Torch – 200 Lumens


Compact LED Camping Lantern – 350 Lumens


LED Camping Lantern – 1000 Lumens


LED Running Armband


Peak Spotlight LED Head Torch – White / 60 Lumens


Marine LED Diving Strobe Light


Summit Floodlight LED Head Torch – Black / 100 Lumens


LED Torch Technology

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are much more efficient in producing light that the older traditional light bulbs found in older torches. They product more light for longer from the same amount of battery charge allowing torches and lanterns to be more compact and lighter than before.

LED Torches

LED torches are rated in lumens. This is the total amount of light that comes out of the front of the torch. The actual brightness of a torch when the light lands on something can vary as some torches focus all of those lumens into a spotlight of light where others spread it out over a floodlit area to light a larger area, but with less light.

LED Lanterns

LED Lanterns are great to have around the house in case of a power cut or other emergency. They are also great for camping in larger tents, caravans or camper vans. Most LED lanterns have multiple power settings where you can choose a reduced level of lighting that will last longer, or full power for a shorter period of time.