Our range of swimming accessories which includes tow floats, centre snorkels, changing robes and pull buoys

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Extra Large Microfibre Towel – Pink


Extra Large Microfibre Towel – Orange


Zipped Changing Robe Full Sleeve


Lomo Swimming Changing Robe – Pink


Lomo Swimming Changing Robe – Green


Osprey Junior Hooded Towel Poncho – Aqua


Wetsuit Boot, Sock & Glove Drying Hanger


Swimming Pull Buoy


Lomo Pro Swimming Hand Paddles


Lomo Swimming Hand Paddles


Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float – Orange


Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float – Pink


Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float – Yellow


Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float with SMB Flags


Swim Run Rucksack Tow Float


Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float with Mesh Pouch


Swimming Tow Float – Orange


Swimming Tow Float – Pink


Swimming Tow Float – Yellow


Large ECO Float TPU Dry Bag Swimming Tow Float – Orange


ECO Float TPU Swimming Tow Float Dry Bag – Orange


Neoprene Swimming Cap – Orange


Neoprene Swimming Cap – Pink


Silicone Triathlon Swimming Cap


Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming and swimming as part of a triathlon have become very popular in recent years.

All ages and experience levels have taken to the sport and it doesnt matter if you do it for fun or in competition the experience of swimming outdoors is refreshing and a great way to excercise.

What Is Wild Swimming?

The phrase ‘Wild Swimming’ is often used when talking about outdoor swimming but dont worry, it’s not behaving wildly we’re talking about, it’s simply swimming out in the wild as opposed to swimming in a pool.

Open Water Swim Gear

Depending on the time of day and location there is a variety of swimming gear to consider. But make sure that you:-

Are warm enough for the conditions
Are highly visible if on water shared with boats etc
Are within your ability level
Let others know when and where you are going & return times
Dont overdo it
Enjoy yourself!