Neoprene & Dry Bag Manufacturers

Lomo are experts in neoprene manufacturing. So much so that we now manufacture for many other UK companies, both large and small, who do not have neoprene or dry bag manufacturing experience inhouse. If you have a requirement to produce a neoprene product or a drybag product get in touch to see if we can help.

We dont currently undertake bespoke wetsuit design unless it is a simple modification to our existing range. We do undertake a wide range of smaller products and neoprene accessory work.

Drybag manufacturing is also a speciality of ours and we can do both new designs and variations of our existing products to meet your needs.

Email us your manufacturing requirements on

We also supply a wide range of neoprene sheets. Have a look at our Neoprene Sheets Department to browse what we have available.

Please note that we currently dont undertake prototyping work unless there is a definite project behind it and that bespoke manufacturing is only possible for reltively high quantities that range from the hundreds to the thousands depending on the product.