Working sustainably isn't just about headline schemes like planting trees, but in a way you live your life. All the little bits added together can make a difference. Here's an insight into the way we do things to try and Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle our way to a more sustainable future.

We love the outdoors, Let's try to keep it!


Active progress to a paperless/digital office.
Elimination of excess paper waste in printing.
Use of remanufactured and refurbished computers and office equipment.
Use of remanufactured printer inks.
Use of smaller fonts when printing.
Recycling of paper and appropriate waste.
Casual dress wear - Insuring no dry cleaning!
Insulated office space - reduced heating.


Bulk purchasing of office and kitchen items to reduce packaging.
No disposable cutlery, crockery or cups.
Clearly labeled recycling bins.
Eco friendly washing up liquid.


LED lighting throughout the store.
Removal of high energy consuming lighting and replacment with LED.


Mainly constructed with recycled materials.
Low wattage LED lights are installed throughout.

Energy consumption and recycling.

Lomo Watersport will make concerted efforts to reduce the impact of our current and future operations by managing our energy consumption through active and efficient use of electricity, gas, water and other resources as well as continuingly monitoring our progress. We will install LED lighting and use reusable materials wherever possible. We will manage our waste and will seek to recycle as many of our waste streams as possible to reduce waste to landfill.


Sustainability training and discussions.
Encouragement to think about environment improvements and solutions.
Educated to think reduce, reuse, recycle throughout the company.


Staff and Customer bicycle rack


Buying and trading locally where possible.

Customer Repairs

In house repair shop - encouraging goods to be repaired to extend life.
Over 1000 repairs are carried out in our workshop each year.
Repairing Lomo and Non-Lomo brands.

Customer Deliveries

Reuse of cardboard packaging.
Despatch notes are emailed not printed.
Items sent with minimal packaging.
Our main courier DPD who's environmental policy is one of the best of all couriers.