Neoprene wetsuit gloves for sailing, diving, watersports. Dry gloves, kayak pogies and webbed finger swimming gloves.

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Swimming and Triathlon Gloves – Pink


Swimming and Triathlon Gloves


Swimming and Triathlon Gloves – Orange


Ocean Helm Gloves


Mountain Walking Gloves


Winter Sailing Gloves


Kayak Gloves – Neoprene Amara


Polar Neoprene Pogies


Glacier Pogies


Winter Cycling Gloves


Winter Mountain Bike Gloves


Water Resistant Fleece Gloves


Sailing Pro-S Gloves – Long Finger


Sailing Pro-S Gloves – Short Finger


Sailing Pro-S Gloves – SIT (Short Index finger and Thumb)


5mm Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves – Yellow


Super Stretch 2mm Neoprene Gloves


Mountain Bike Gloves – Black / Grey / Orange


Sailing Gloves – Short Finger


Sailing Gloves – SIT (Short Index finger and Thumb)


Sailing Gloves – Long Finger


3mm Short Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves


SG1 – Short Finger Cycling Gloves – Grey / Black / Lime


SG2 – Short Finger Cycling Gloves – Pink


Sailing Gloves

Summer sailing gloves are designed mainly for abrasion resistance from working with ropes and don’t give extra warmth. In colder months opt for the winter sailing gloves to help keep your hands a little warmer.

We stock different styles of sailing gloves that are made using strong materials so they are durable and great for rope work.

Swimming or Kayaking Gloves

Our swimming gloves are brilliant for those who enjoy open water swimming or are training for a triathlon and are one of the warmest swimming gloves on the market. They have very little flush through and many people even report having dry hands at the end of a session.

For kayaking you can either choose a glove or a pogie (A type of hand covering that does not have individual fingers allowing you to grip the paddle with your bare hands).

Neoprene Gloves

Keeping your hands warm can be a challenge, especially when swimming, sailing, diving or kayaking in cold waters. We stock a wide range of different gloves and pogies which are designed to keep you warm and offer great performance.

Our neoprene wetsuit gloves come in different thicknesses for warmth and dexterity. They act like a wetsuit for your hands so whilst you may have some water inside them your hand can normally warm this up and maintain a warmer climate inside the glove than outside.