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Dry Bags have revolutionised many sports and made it possible to take your gear into wet environments. The concept of most dry bags is that firstly we avoid stitching the seams together as this creates lots of stitch holes for water to penetrate. We make the seams of a dry bag using one of two methods; RF welding or heat taping. The method of seaming will depend on which material the main bag is made from as welding works better with PVC and taping works better with some thinner coated fabrics.

Once we have made the bag section we close it by using a roll down top. We fold the top down 3 times over a semi rigid strip that makes a tight closure before clipping the 2 ends together. This makes a closure at the top that is very difficult for water to work its way around.

Dry bags are not designed for underwater use. If you physically hold a dry bag underwater some water will slowly make its way around the roll down top. Most dry bags will not end up underwater though. Most dry bags if you drop them into the water will float for a considerable period of time unless you have unusually heavy loads inside. Most dry bags will also keep water out if the immersion is only for a short time.

Rain, Rain, Rain…. that’s what dry bags are great at keeping out. Most of our dry bags could keep out the rain if you left them outside for a week and it was torrential for the entire time. Equally if you are on a boat and waves, or spray is coming over then a dry bag is just what you need to keep your gear dry. Watersports users have long since found these types of bags invaluable. Sailors, kayakers, divers and many other users all include these bags as an essential piece of their equipment.

Dry bags have now found their way into many land based sports with versions being made for motorcycling, cycling, hill walking and even for simply going to the beach.

If you need to keep your gear dry when out and about have a look though our dry bag sections. We’re sure there will a product there for you!

Dry Boxes

Dry boxes combine keeping your gear dry with the addition of a degree of impact protection for more sensitive equipment. The feature an o-ring seal and sturdy clips and materials.