Lomo kayak and water rescue helmets. Fully CE approved.

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Kayak Helmet – Matt Orange


Kayak Helmet – Red


Kayak Helmet – White


Kayak Helmet – Yellow


Water Rescue Helmet


Kayak Helmets

Another favourite amongst the various outdoor centres in the UK, our kayak helmets feature E VA padding and a high density polyethylene shell to give great performance and durability. All of our helmets are fully CE Approved and can be used for many Kayaking and other similar sports. A helmet is an essential piece of kit for river kayaking.

Water Rescue Helmets

Our kayak helmets make ideal water rescue helmets and we make a special version with reflective panels and marking to suit this market.

Helmet Maintenance

If your helmet has been damaged in an accident such as an impact we would recommend that it is replaced as it may no longer offer the same level of protection.

Kayak helmets should be kept clean and regularly inspected for any damage to the shell, lining, straps and clips.