Neoprene wetsuit vests and rash vests for use on their own or under existing wet suits.

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3mm Neoprene Swim Vest – Mens


3mm Neoprene Swim Vest – Women’s


Neoprene Thermal Vest – 1mm Hot Top


Neoprene Zipped Wetsuit Vest


Neoprene Vests

Our neoprene vests are made just like wetsuits and can be worn on their own or under another garment.

They are a great addition to your kit collection and give you flexibility if its warmer or colder than normal.

Vest Sizing & Fit

For a wetsuit vest to work well it should be quite a tight fit as it needs to trap a layer of water between the neoprene and your skin.

If the wetsuit is a loose fit it may well be more comfortable when you are out of the water but it will not keep you warm.

Style of Vest

Sleeveless neoprene wetsuit vests can be worn under an existing wetsuit to give extra warmth to an existing wetsuit.

They can also be worn on their own for both watersports or muddy adventure races.

Long sleeve versions can be difficult to get on under a wetsuit and are more suited to being worn on their own in warmer conditions where you dont need a full wetsuit.