The Great Breakout

Lomo Motorcycle Bags In Use
Great to see Luis vision come to fruition.  He is riding 40,000Km from Portugal to Siberia. Watch the full 15-minute trailer to this epic journey on The Great Breakout below. Luis will be travelling this mammoth adventure with all of his kit, secured from water, sand and dust by Lomo Motorcycle Dry Bags and Lomo’s motorcycle Luggage range.  Will the Lomo bags survive?

Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo Straps Set


Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers – Soft (1 Pair)


Motorbike Leg Bag – Dry Holster


Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – 1 Pair


Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags – Medium (1 Pair)


Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags - 1 Pair

A pair of waterproof dry bags designed to be attached to your motorcycle crash bars / engine-guard.
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Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags - Large (1 Pair)

A rugged, durable pannier system designed for the adventure bike market.
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Motorcycle Tank Dry Bag - Waterproof - Magnetic Mount

Waterproof bag with a clear panel for viewing a map, tablet or GPS and magnetic mount panel for attachement
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60L Dry Bag Holdall - Black

60L version of our top loading waterproof duffle bag with carry handles and a shoulder strap.
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