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The Great Outdoors Camping Mat

Folding camping mat review

The Great Outdoors Camping Mat

The Great Outdoors Magazine – April 2020

Lomo releases low-cost thermal camping mat

Lomo has a new durable closed-cell foam camping mat at a low price of £19.50. The mat has 14 panels so it can be laid out flat or folded for different lengths and thicknesses. It has an egg box style construction for comfort and to trap micro pockets of air for more warmth.

The top has a silver coating to reflect radiant heat back to the sleeper. The mat weighs 425g. It’s 180cm long and 2cm thick, folding down to 57cmx 17cm x 13cm.


Carbon Fibre Walking Poles – Pair


Aluminium Walking Poles – Pair


TR-PRO Running Z Poles – Carbon Fibre – Pair


Walking Pole Attachments – Rubber Tip (1 Pair)


Walking Pole Attachments – Snow Basket (1 Pair)


Walking Pole Attachments – Soft Ground (1 Pair)