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Back Street Heroes Torches

1000 lumen lantern review

Back Street Heroes Torches Review April 2020


Lomo, the waterproof bags and camping specialists, have a new range of torches for rallies and camping to cover just about every eventuality – lanterns, mini lanterns, very bright torches, head-strap torches, loads! Prices start at just f6, and you can see the whole range at their website at www.lomo.co.uk as well as all their excellent water-proof bags, too.

Aluminium LED Torch – 200 Lumens


Compact LED Camping Lantern – 350 Lumens


LED Camping Lantern – 1000 Lumens


LED Running Armband


Peak Spotlight LED Head Torch – White / 60 Lumens


Marine LED Diving Strobe Light