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PBO Lomo Tow float

Swimming Tow Float Review

PBO Lomo Tow Float Review

Jumping in the sea – whether from a boat
or land – is one of my all-time favourite
things. However, if you’re in an anchorage
and surrounded by dinghies and other
watercraft, it pays to be seen. This is
where Lomo’s tow float comes in.
You simply blow it up, pop your
belongings inside, and attach it to your
waist with a lead. You can barely feel it
once you’re in the water, but the bright
pink or orange bag is very visible to all
around you.

I was swimming off Bournemouth
recently when a research vessel came
close inshore – it stopped immediately
when it saw my float. I also find the float
handy when swimming in a group.
The £15 float is 51cm x 23cm with a
circumference of 50cm. It doubles as a
waterproof bag and will comfortably hold
a water bottle, pair of sandals, phone and
lightweight towel. Often I use it for long
swims, not having to worry about
returning to the spot I started at.
Another handy feature is the buoyancy.
A tow float isn’t a lifesaving device but it is
very buoyant and handy for a quick rest if

you’re getting tired. I especially like to
have it when swimming with my children.
Lomo has recently launched a tow float
with rucksack straps (£28.99), making it
ideal for a walk or run with a swim. AW
Discover the range at lomo.co.uk

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