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Back Street Heroes Kayak Gloves

Back Street Heroes Gloves Review

Back Street Heroes Kayak Gloves Review March 2022


These lightweight 2mm neoprene gloves are great to go under your outer gloves to keep your fingers toasty. They have reinforced palms for comfort that’re abrasion resistant, giving you an extra level of safety as well as keeping you warm. They cost just £11 from anywhere that stocks the Lomo range or www.lomo.co.uk

Kayak Gloves – Neoprene Amara


Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo Straps Set


Dry Bag Motorcycle Panniers – Soft (1 Pair)


Motorbike Leg Bag – Dry Holster


Motorbike Crash Bar Dry Bags – 1 Pair


Motorcycle Adventure Pannier Dry Bags – Medium (1 Pair)