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BIKE Mag Dry Bag

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BIKE Mag Dry Bag Review April 2022

30L Hi-Viz Dry Bag

Price: £35


Lomo are the providers of a wide range of sporting equipment, providing gear for both water and land sports. Their catalogue of cycling accessories is extensive, as well as incredibly budget friendly, with their 3OL hi-viz cycling dry bag rucksack being just one of their many products designed to make travelling long distances just that bit easier. The bag is made from a waterproof, high visibility PVC material, with reflective panelling. The material

is resistant to staining and guarantees to keep your possessions dry, through its roll down closure design, and comes with both shoulder and chest straps to keep the bag secure, as well as a handle to cover all your carrying requirements. The rucksack also comes with

built-in padding on the shoulders and back, to help evenly distribute weight comfortably.

This bag is impressive in capacity, with its 30L volume able to hold just about anything you might need on a long journey. Camping equipment, cycling repair gear, and other large items that might otherwise struggle to fit in a regular backpack, can fit with ease into the Lomo 3OL, and, with its detachable inner mesh pocket, you also don’t have to worry about small items being lost to the bottom of the bag.

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