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Lomo Changing Robe

Zipped Full Sleeve Changing Robe – Mountain Biking UK

Mountain Biking UK
Dec 2019

Lomo’s zip-up changing robe offers plenty of cover for undressing in the open without exposing yourself to the elements – or others, when standing in a car park or layby. Its towel-like lining is soft to the touch and helps dry you. We found it more useful as insulation, to keep warm when changing after cold rides. While the robe is ideal for removing your shorts/chamois, it isn’t as convenient for taking off tops.

We found it easy to pull our arms in from the sleeves to gives us unrestricted access for undressing, but it can be a fiddle to pass items in your hand under the robes hem, although there is an internal pocket to stash undies in. The heavy duty outer material will keep you dry if getting changed in the rain, and the hood is handy too. While the robe is quite big and chunky to carry around, it’s a great way to avoid flashing your bare behind at passers-by post ride.

4 out of 5 MBUK.

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