COP 26 In Glasgow Scotland

Cop 26 Glasgow

COP 26 Glasgow

COP 26 we are still open.

We are still open! The UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) is taking place in Glasgow from 31st October – 12th November. This is an enormous event and is taking place only a few hundred metres from our shop.

From 23rd October – 14th November many of the roads around our shop will be subject to restrictions. There is still local access to our shop and our opening hours currently remain the same. Please approach from the East via Anderson Quay, passing the local access/road ahead closed signs to access Lomo. Lancefield Quay from the West is blocked.

You can read more about the forthcoming road closures and alternative routes here https://www.getreadyglasgow.com/cop26/traffic-and-travel

Living with COP 26

It’s been very interesting to be right next to the COP26 conference. Such a broad spectrum of people have come to the city and are all expressing themselves in different ways. People have travelled huge distances to be here, and they’re not even delegates. Walking through the crowds and talking to people is a great way to spend a lunch break and everyone is so happy to talk and let you know why they are here. They have all travelled with a single mission; to encourage/push/harang our world leaders into averting the Climate Crisis. Let’s hope for all our sakes we get the needed progress.

COP 26 Coast Guards

A big shout out to all the HM Coastguard Volunteers who are helping keep COP26 safe. The event is right on the riverside here in Glasgow and the Coastguard Volunteers are helping keep everyone safe should anyone need rescued from the river during this massive event. They have travelled from all over the UK and given up their free time to assist. The guys on Jetskis are even litter picking on the river when they are quiet! Well done and thank you to all involved! 

Best regards and here’s to a greener future!

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