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220 Triathlon Verve Goggles

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220 Triathlon Verve Goggles

220 Triathlon Magazine November 2021

Lomo Verve Goggles

For only £10 including a hard case, the Verves continue to prove that Lomo is cornering the market in budget triathlon kit-so if spend really is a top concern, look no further. Once in the pool though, we found these goggles a little tricky to get in place, with a slightly odd strap-to-goggle frame construction and gaskets that sat oddly in the inner corners of our eyes (the bridge is one-size-fits-all). The strap was also a bit fiddly to get into place on the head. The unusual lens size gave good visibility with no distortion, though, and would also be well-suited to open-water, while the smoked tint worked well in our brightly-lit swimming pool. lomo.co.uk


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