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Lomo Swimming Changing Robe

Lomo Swimming Changing Robe

The Lomo Swimming Changing Robe is ideal for those taking part in triathlons and outdoor events. It allows you to get changed in cold conditions without exposing yourself to the elements. Its also great for keeping your modesty intact when you need to change in public, at race events or at the beach.

The changing robe is designed to be windproof and showerproof so it keeps the user warm and dry, before and after an event. The inner layer of the swim changing robe is a towel material so you can dry yourself off whilst wearing it.

It is available in one size and we styled it in black with vibrant lime green logo and stitching to create a really cool look. It is hooded and has two side pockets to store your items in which come in really handy.

Our customers who sail may also be interested in our changing robe as it can be worn when rigging boats, sail boards or kitesurfs.

Price: 49.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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