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Women’s Fitness Pogies Helmet

Womens fitness kayak pogies

Women’s Fitness Pogies Helmet

Women’s Fitness June 2021

LOMO KAYAK HELMET £25, lomo.co.uk

The no-nonsense helmet is designed with a high density polyethylene shell for durability. There are vents for water and air flow and a water-resistant EVA interior for comfort. Ear protectors still allow you to hear other paddlers, while the chin strap is adjustable.

LOMO GLACIER POGIES £13.50 for a pair, lomo.co.uk

The kayaking Glacier Pogies are made from windproof, breathable, tri-laminate material with a velcro closure that fits around the paddle shaft. Pogies provide protection from cold wind and spray while allowing you to grip the paddle with bare hands.

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