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Scottish Diver Diving Mask Review

Nitro diving mask – Scottish Diver Magazine


This one came with a clear skirt and it bore a striking resemblance to my Cressi Sub Matrix Mask. The feel of the silicone skirt was very similar. In fact, the only clear difference was that I paid quite a bit more for the Matrix. Once again the straps and buckles are standard and easy to use.

Choosing a dive mask is a matter of personal choice as everybody’s face is different. All I can say is the two masks fitted my face like limpet mines, and the nose pockets comfortably encased my nose.

If you are in the market for a new mask I would recommend you take a look at Lomo’s website (www.ewetsuits.com) as the masks are on clear display there, or if you are based in Glasgow pop in and see the guys.

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