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In this section of Scottish Diver, I continue my recent theme of bringing to your attention great high-quality products that are sold at low, reasonable prices. Lomo is a Glasgow based firm specialising in watersports gear and wetsuits. They have been around for a few years now and I have reviewed a few of their products. In fact, it would be fair to say that they produce my favourite piece of kit! My bright yellow 7mm dive hood which will keep me warm right through the winter.

They have now added a range of masks to their range of dive kits. there are around 8 masks starting at £18 and this is for a mask with a high-quality silicone skirt supplied in a nice strong mask box! The vast majority of masks are priced around £20 with only one, the Alumino, toping £32. Top of the range and less than half the price of similar masks from the big-name suppliers. I was sent 2 masks by Lomo to try out and here’s how I found them.


I was drawn to this mask because of its black silicone skirt. I prefer this when working with the cameras it reduces all those reflections in shallow water. This one’s frame had an interesting design and it certainly fitted my face well, the skirt made a great seal. Buckles and straps are fairly standard and are easy to use.

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