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Paddles Magazine Dry Bags

Dry Bags – Paddles Magazine

“Lomo also sent us a sample of their new dry bag range. the bags are standard ‘roll top’ sealing type, with a rigid plastic rim rolling down upon itself to clip together, forming a fairly dry seal…. good enough to keep the contents 100% dry sitting inside your sea kayak hatches; being thrashed around in the back of a swamped creek boat in a stopper would certainly dampen the contents but that just serves you right for swimming. The bags are made of hard-wearing black material with a plastic viewing panel. They come in a range of sizes from 5 to 100 litres and ….well that’s it. Dry bags are boring by definition, let’s not fool ourselves. The particularly interesting thing about these bags is the price; they range from £4.50 to £11, ridiculously cheap!

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Drawstring Toggles – 10 Pack


HH Compressed Gauze – Z Fold


Lomo 3L First Aid Organiser Bag


Lomo Adult Mask & Snorkel Set – Blue


Lomo Adult Mask & Snorkel Set – Red


Lomo Junior Mask & Snorkel Set – Blue


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