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Lomo Waterproof Tank Bag

Motorcycle Tank Dry Bag – Magnetic Mount – Ride Magazine

Ride Magazine
August 2019
Lomo Tank Bag
Dry Bag Magnetic Mount.

Main compartment maximum capacity -15Litres
Expandable – No
Max load – N/A
Number of pockets – 0
Carry Strap – Yes
Waterproof Cover – No
Security Strap – Yes
Map/Gps pocket – Yes
Magnetic Failure – 7KG

Using a very different construction to most tankbags, the lomo is styled on a marine dry bag and as such, you put your luggage in and then roll the top over and secure it. While 100% waterproof, this style of construction does mean you can’t easily access the bag once packed, which is annoying. The bag unzips from the base to reveal rucksack straps, which is a lovely touch, and the security straps (which stay on the base) have a click fastener. An interesting and well thought out bag that adventure or off road riders may be more inclined to use and forgive its limitations.

Ease of fit and strength of magnets – 8
Features -5
Waterproofing – 10
Ease of use – 5
Capacity – 9

Overall 37/50

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