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Mad Or Nomad Adventures.

Over the years we at Lomo Watersport have had the privilege to have a number of adventurers use our motorcycle luggage for their adventures. Mad Or Nomad are two such adventures, and over the time that they have been away seeking out new experiences, we have been super lucky to be following their adventures via social media and being able to see our bags travel through some of the most scenic areas our blue planet has to offer.


Mad or Nomad Around The World

Mad Or Nomad otherwise known as Andy and Alissa decided to travel the world on their motorcycles  “We wanted to travel the world without an end date and needed to be independent and self-reliant while doing it.” 

The beautiful thing for us is that as a company that makes motorcycle gear we got to see if our kit would live up to the trauma of relentless travel. You can read the Mad Or Nomad reviews here, to see if our kit stayed true.


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Motorcycle Travel Blog 

And as fans of adventure travel and adventure blogs, we also got to witness one of the best motorcycle travel blogs and resources come into fruition via Andy and Alissa website https://www.madornomad.com .


The website now features motorcycle and travel guides, kit and travel features, stories, advice and articles on all aspects of motorcycle adventure, adventure travel  ADV riding and more. The website is a great resource for anyone looking for tips and advice about adventure motorcycle travel.

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