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Coastline Magazine Holdall Review


It feels good to have our 60L holdall featured in the Coast Guard Associations coastline magazine. Click the link to see what they had to say about our bag.


LOMO is a name synonymous with a whole range of sporting activities these days including open water swimming, kayaking, motorbike travel, outdoor pursuits and just about everything else in between. From its humble beginnings back in the year
2000 and internet sales still very much in its infancy, Lomo became trailblazers and started selling wetsuits online. Employing a direct sales approach and avoiding traditional distribution and retailing would allow Lomo to sell their products at a much lower cost than would otherwise be possible. And this cost reduction and value for money approach is still very much present today with Lomo offering a huge range of products for the water sports and outdoor pursuits market without massive price tags attached. Waterproof bags are somewhat of a speciality for Lomo and they offer a vast range of products to keep your kit dry from roll top dry bags, dry bag rucksacks, holdalls, cycling dry bags and waterproof panniers for motorbikes. And one of their most iconic products is the distinctive bright yellow holdall dry bag.
Coming in 40L and 60L sizes, this no frills, no nonsense dry bag will exceed expectations and quickly become your go to bag anytime you’re going to be heading near the water.

As well as keeping your kit dry, one of the massive selling points of these holdalls as the accessibility as the wide top rolls down and gives access to the full width of the bag. The seems are RF-welded making them strong and completely watertight and the durable waterproof material can handle driving rain and even brief immersions if closed correctly. As someone who spends a lot of time near the water for paddleboarding, swimming, the occasional sailing expedition and of course those all-important water rescue training days, this bag continues to deliver and has never let me down over the last year. And there’s no frustration trying to find a specific bit of gear or having to empty kit out to find something thanks to the wide top opening. With two carry handles and a strong webbing shoulder strap, it’s easy and comfortable to move your kit around over short distances and pass your kit between vehicles either on dry land or afloat. The compression straps quickly make sure your gear is secured inside to reduce unnecessary movement and make the bag easier to use when its not full. It’s also incredible just how much you can get into this bag. I can neither confirm nor deny that I actually managed to climb inside this bag after my fiancée made the passing comment of ‘that looks big enough to climb into’. But the most surprising aspect of the 60L holdall dry bag – the price tag!

Coming in at below £30 will certainly make you do a double take and question whether you read it right. But you did! So if you’re looking for a large waterproof holdall for your gear without breaking the bank – this is the bag for you. A simple, eye-catching, practical holdall which will serve you well for years to come.

PVC Tarpaulin Material
RF Welded Seams
Wide top opening
Length 78cm
Width 37 cm
Height 30 cm
Weight: 1030g

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