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Emergency Shelter Bothy Bag – TGO Magazine Shelter Review

Lomo is a watersports company and this shelter is their first venture into general outdoor gear. I must say it’s a really good start. The shelter will hold three, which makes it comfortable and roomy for two. The weight is reasonable for a three person shelter and the price is low. Two vents makes for better ventilation than one as there is some airflow through the shelter. The vents don’t have mesh ends but can be almost closed with drawcords. The windows are OK until they steam up. I wouldn’t choose this for solo use but for two to three people it’s excellent. A separate compression stuffsack is provided. It weighs 29 grams. Stuffing the shelter back into it is difficult as its a little too small. The shelter doesn’t need a stuff sack anyway so i’d ditch it and just stuff the shelter into the rucksack.

4.5 Out Of 5

Note from LOMO. Our shelter won the category against stiff opposition from big brands that were all more expensive.

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