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Shooting Times Dry Bag

Shooting Times Camouflage Dry Bag Review

Shooting Times And Country Magazine December 2020

2 Lomo camouflage bag RRP:from £7.75

Shooting Times Dry Bag lomo.co.uk

Introducing the new 20-, 40-and 60-litre camouflage drybags, made from a tough, durable, medium-weight fabric to help keep your gear and valuables dry. Don’t be caught out by heavy rain or waders overflowing. These bags are buoyant so you won’t lose them underwater.

20L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


40L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


60L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


3L Maxiview Dry Bag


6L Maxiview Dry Bag


Clear Mobile Phone Pouch – Large


Lightweight Mobile Phone Dry Bag


3 Pack Ultra Lightweight Dry Bags