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Scottish Diver Magazine Torch

DL1 Torch – Scottish Diver Magazine

“The Lomo DL1 torch is a nice little unit and it’s a nice little price at only £6.50. diving equipment at a reasonable price, that’s a nice idea!
The torch is rated to 40M and has a double ‘O’ring seal. The operation of the bulb is by rotating the clear lens bezel unit. It is small but it feels solid and is supplied with a Lanyard as well.
Don’t expect any LEDs for this price but the build does supply a nice bright hot spot. It’s ideal for attaching to a mask strap for reading gauges at night or as a spotting light for a camera. I used it for my camera and was impressed with the results. It gave a bright beam that was wider than the torch I had been using. The torch performed great down to its max operating depth.

I did however manage to let some water into the unit on a subsequent dive turning the torch on at the surface. The ‘O’ rings look a little thin and the bezel jumped a thread as I tightened it up. whilst this was a user error on my part I would recommend that with this torch it’s best if it’s turned on before you enter the water.

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