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Kayak Trolley Spare Pins (pair)


Kayak Roof Rack L Bars – Upright


25mm Kayak Roof Rack Strap – 3.5M


Kayak Buoyancy Bag – Split Stern . Size 10


Kayak Drain Bung Plug


38mm Wide Kayak Roof Rack Strap – 3.5M


Kayak Trolley Spare Inner Tube


Kayak Seat


Sit On Top Kayak – Scupper Plug Bung


Canoe Foam Roof Rack Blocks – 4 Pack


Floor Standing 2 Kayak Rack – Orange


Aero Kayak Foam Roof Rack Pads – Pair


Flat Kayak Wall Rack – Yellow


Front or Rear Kayak Handle


50cm / 20″ Belt Extension Strap for the Kayak Throw Line


38mm Wide Kayak Roof Rack Strap – 5M


Kayak Aero Roof Rack Pads 71cm – Large – 1 Pair


Gecko Kayak Trolley


Lomo Logo Sticker – Jumbo Size


Oval Kayak Foam Roof Rack pads – Pair


Kayak Accessories

Kayak airbags help prevent your boat from sinking in the evet of a capsize and are a great addition to your safety gear.

Canoe Accessories

Kitting your canoe out with front and rear airbags are one of the most common ways to improve canoe safety and ensure you can right your boat again should you capsize.

Kayak Trolleys

These can make the journey from the car to the water’s edge, or from the shore to your campsite, much easier and make it possible to be done by one person.