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PBO Lomo Safety Knife

PBO Safety Knife Review

PBO Magazine – Lomo Safety Knife

Lomo Compact BC Safety Knife

Having a knife to hand is always useful in case of the unexpected. This is an attractively priced compact model from Glasgow-based watersports supplier Lomo. The 7cm blade is plain on one side and serrated on the other. Neither feels super-sharp if you run a finger across it, but both are effective at cutting ropes, particularly those under tension.

The blade clips securely into a holster for storage. This has belt loops, but could also be taped to a tiller, on to a solid vang, or screwed to the boat near the companionway.

prevent fingers slipping forward on the handle feel a bit small, as does the handle itself – but that’s a compromise inherent in the compact design. The knife is available with either a pointed tip or a blunt one – we tested the latter. On the downside, the guards that

Verdict: A good low cost compact knife for smaller boats.

Price: £16.95.


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