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PBO Centurion Dry Box

PBO Dry Box Review

Practical Boat Owner Magazine – PBO Centurian Dry Box

Summer 2020

Lomo Centurion dry boxes

This range of ultra-tough dry boxes for protecting expensive equipment from the elements include full silicon gaskets for waterproofing, plus manually operated pressure relief valves for use when flying. Hinges are reinforced, there’s retroreflective tape on the outside, and Pick and Pluck cubed foam inside is easy to cut out to the exact shape needed. There are five models in the range, with capacities from 1.8lt to 15.5lt.

Lomo is a 20-year-old Glasgow-based company that originated as a wetsuit manufacturer but now sells a wide range of competitively priced watersports equipment direct to the consumer. Price: £23-£89.


Centurion Dry Box – Top Opening – With Cubed Foam


DB3 – Protective Case Dry Box with Cubed Foam


DB4 – Protective Case Dry Box with Cubed Foam


Drybox 11 – Budget Dry Box


Drybox 16 – Mini Size Dry Box – Orange


Drybox 17 – Mini Size Dry Box – Transparent Lid