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Paddles Magazine Prebent Shorts

Prebent Shorts – Paddles Magazine

The one thing we’ve always hated when wearing wetsuit shorts is the annoying cold strip that appears on your back, between your cag and shorts, after you’ve sat in your boat and your shorts have ridden halfway down your bum. This couldn’t go on….. fortunately for us the Lomo ‘pre-bent’ cut is excellent; the neoprene is cut to sit high on your lower back, just under-lapping the cag; it hardly budges when you sit down or even bend over (don’t ask). the shorts fit snugly around the groin and down the leg. Warmness rating – this is a slightly unfair comment, but fairly obvious…. in the arctic testing grounds of 0 degrees Hurley, we found the shorts weren’t quite enough!* However, we are confident that in slightly warmer conditions, ie above freezing, the shorts would do just marvellously.”

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