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Outdoorswimmer Socks Gloves

Swimming gloves and socks review

OutdoorSwimmer socks gloves


Lomo Open Water Swimming Gloves and Swimming & Triathlon Socks

Gloves: £19.99 Socks: £19.99


Warmth: 4 Comfort: 4 Ease of swimming: 3

Lomo accessories debut at the cheapest on the list. Despite the low-price tag, they do a great job at providing a lot of warmth and preventing water ingress, even when not wearing a wetsuit, due to their tight fit.

Swimming and Triathlon Gloves – Pink


Swimming and Triathlon Gloves


Swimming and Triathlon Gloves – Orange


Super Stretch 2mm Neoprene Gloves


Neoprene Open Water Swimming Socks


Sock – 3mm Neoprene wetsuit socks