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Dinger Bell Conquers The North Atlantic Solo

The Atlantic Solo Row

118 days, 4hrs, 55 minutes rowing unsupported across the North Atlantic solo from US mainland to UK mainland. What an adventure. Lomo is happy to have played a small part in supporting Dinger with a supply of drybags to keep key kit dry throughout his North Atlantic Solo Row adventure.

The North Atlantic Solo Row Challenge, Unported.

Former royal marine Dinger Bell took up the challenge to raise money for Rock 2 Recovery Uk  A charity that is inspiring the fight against stress in our armed forces, veterans and their families. In completing the North Atlantic, unsupported SOLO row Dinger became one of the few humans on earth to achieve this feat.  A truly spectacular adventure.


Some stats from Dinger’s social media.

  • Time took: 118 days, 4 hours and 55 minutes.
  • Consuming 6000 kcal per day, he dropped from 92kg to 79kg! That’s a whopping 13kg or 28 lbs lost whilst eating 3 times the recommended daily intake for the majority (until he started having to ration!!)

Dry Bags for every situation. 

Dingers adventure used a number of Lomo Drybags to keep all his essential kit dry. From first aid kit to his emergency overboard grab bag, key clothing and more. Our bags have been tested by many adventures and time and time again they stand up to the environment.


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Relive The Journey.

Dinger’s social media team did a fantastic job of documenting the entire adventure, head on over to https://www.instagram.com/ny2uksolorow/ 

to check out the adventure as it unfolded.