December 2021 News

Here you will find the Lomo Watersport December 2021 news. Listed below are some articles, new products, magazine appearances, reviews and more.

Happy New Year from Lomo Watersport

2021 may go down in history as one of the strangest years ever. Hopefully, the worst of the pandemic is now behind us all. We did some amazing things in 2021. Our bags travelled across countries strapped to motorcycles, carrying kit and facilitating many staycations. Our SUPs, wetsuits and water kit helped hundreds discover local adventures. Our gloves protected hands from the wind, rain and cold. Our wetsuits helped people swim for fun, exercise and competition alike. The list could go on and on. Our gear has helped a lot of people discover new activities and pursue the sports and adventures they are passionate about, even amongst a global pandemic. But our gear would be nothing without you. So thank you for trusting Lomo, we appreciated it.

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Merry Christmas 2021 from all at Lomo.


Lomo wetsuits on the Television.

It was great to see our wetsuits appear on the hit Television show Made In Chelsea. It was also the first time we have ever seen anyone wear bling on top of their neoprene. 


Featured on Youtube

Our popular Tri X outdoor swimming gloves appeared in Everyday Athlete Rach’s Tips for winter swimming video.

Gloves featured in National Magazine Back Street Heroes

Our winter sailing gloves appeared in Back Street Heroes motorcycle magazine.backstreet-heroes-lomo-magazine

New Product: Lomo Gun Bag

The Lomo riffle bag is perfect for transporting guns, riffles and tripods.


Competition with All At Sea

We ran a competition with our friends over at All At Sea https://allatsea.co.uk 

Competition to win a pair of Lomo winter sailing gloves, a Lomo overboard dry bag and a length of mooring line.


Lomo Gloves featured and reviewed

Our Mountain Walking Gloves appeared in Outdoor Personality of the year nominee Glyn Dodwells blog.

“In the light shower that we experienced the gloves remained waterproof and protected my hands against the cold wind that blew all day.”

Read the review here. https://onthehills.uk/2020/09/29/lomo-mountain-walking-gloves/ 


Lomo Gilet featured and reviewed

Our Gilet appeared in Outdoor Personality of the year nominee Glyn Dodwells blog.

“Unlike any previous Gilet that I have used, there was absolutely no wind penetration through the material. This Gilet is truly windproof and made for a very pleasant walk.”

Read the full blog.