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Canoe Kayak UK Renegade Drysuit

Canoe And Kayak Drysuit Review

Renegade Drysuit – Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine

In this magazine, our Renegade drysuit won the VFM (Value For Money) award.

LOMO manufactures and sells directly to the customer via the Internet or their own shops, so are able to be unbelievably competitive on price.

The Renegade is built throughout from their Breathable Lomotex 4000 3-Layer Hydrophobic Material, with Cordura reinforcement on the knee, arm, ankle and seat areas. For a Suit of this price it’s packed with features including rear-entry Ti-Zip, complete with protective rear flap, a relief Ti-Zip, latex seals on the neck and wrists with adjustable outers for added protection. Latex socks and an adjustable neoprene and Velcro waist tube.

We expected the LOMO suit to be of good value, but the quality of the build and attention to detail on a suit of this type was excellent. The bright yellow wasn’t all the testers’ cup of tea, but from a safety perspective, it’s great. It’s clear that the team at LOMO have put time and effort into getting this suit right and in our opinion, they’ve done a rather fine job. Our only bugbear was the latex socks. It’s a tough job being a sock on an immersion suit, grit, brambles, sharp rock, long toenails, and latex isn’t renowned for being the toughest of materials. We’d certainly recommend wearing an additional pair of neoprene socks over the outside to protect them. Apart from that, we found this to be a comfy hardwearing suit that represents a lot of suit for your pounds. If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to stay warm and dry during long days on the river and multi-day trips then the Renegade is going to be right on the money, so it’s no surprise that it takes our V.F.M award.

Note from Lomo. Whilst we note the comments from the reviewers about Latex socks we find that the perception they are not durable is largely unfounded. In our tests latex socks have proved to be many times more reliable, watertight, and durable than breathable versions. Latex socks are also more expensive for us to use on a suit than breathable socks so if there was not a clear benefit from Latex socks we would move to the cheaper breathable socks. Furthermore, if you put a hole in latex socks the user can simply repair them with a bicycle repair kit. Repairing a hole in breathable socks is not quite that easy!

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