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Air Gunner Lomo Dry Bags

Air Gunner Dry Bag Review

Air Gunner Dry Bags Review March 2021

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Dave Barham reveals a range of drybags that won’t break the bank

I’ve been using drybags for years for my fishing gear. They’re very simple in operation but extremely effective for keeping out the wet stuff, So, when Robb at LOMO UK sent me a couple of their bags to play with I was already aware of what they are and what they should do.

However, I wasn’t prepared for the price… WHAT IS A DRY BAG? These bags are nearly always cylindrical in shape and about as basic as they come. They have taped seams and two semi-rigid bars sown into the top at either side of a flat opening. The way they work is by stuffing your kit into the bag. then rolling the top down via the two semi-rigid bars, then pulling opposite ends of the top around where they clip into each other. It’s the rolling

of the bag material three or four times around these semi-rigid bars that creates the seal, and it works a treat. In fact, these bags are so airtight once they’re done up’ that they float and have in the past been used as flotation aids when boats have capsized or sunk.


These bags are being produced by LOMO UK, and have their own Loma Tactical Pattern (LTP) on the outside, which has been specifically designed to be compatible with the British Army Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP). There really is no end to what you can do with them.

There are three different sizes available – 20, 40 and 60-litre bags. Pictured here are the 20 and 40-litre bags, and as you can see they can hold a load of gear. Just for an example, I’ve stuffed a full camo net and a dozen decoys into the 40-litre bag, and there’s still loads

more room for a hoodie and a pair of trousers! The 60-litre version will easily take a sleeping bag and extra clothes.

Apart from storing hunting gear, these bags can be used for keeping a spare set of clothes dry, whether out in the field or permanently in the boot of your car – nothing is going to get

inside them once they’re done up. Another great use for the LOMO bag is as a liner for a rucksack. You can slip one of these inside a regular 20/40/60-litre rucksack as a completely

Waterproof barrier from the elements outside.          


The 20-litre measures 24x45cm and weighs 155g, the 40-litre is 30x55cm weighing 225g and the 60-litre measures 38x55cm and weighs 280g. Now for the great reveal! These bags offer insanely good value for money. Because there is no middleman like many other drybag

manufacturers, these bags cost a mere £7.75 for the 20, £11 for the 40 and £13.50 for the 60-litre version.


For more details, visit: www.lomo.co.uk

20L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


40L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


60L Camouflage Dry Bag – Roll Down


Vizallo 25L Motorbike Bag


Vizallo 40L Motorbike Bag


3L Maxiview Dry Bag


6L Maxiview Dry Bag


Clear Mobile Phone Pouch – Large


Lightweight Mobile Phone Dry Bag


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